No Pressure Over Cappuccino

I have some important things to accomplish before I'm recycled away from this life. Whether or not I get to all of these activities, well, that is not for me to know. Ever after, I am no prognosticator. Those who rush never fully arrive.

With that in mind, here's what's been on this mind of mine in no particular priority order:

1. Witness a beaucoup of nannies being blown down the lane in a blast of wind.

2. Fall down an open manhole while strolling along the sidewalk.

3. Defend against a robot invasion.

4. Embrace my stalkers.

5. Help the children...oh lordy, gots to help the children.

6. Reticulate splines.

7. Actually sell my garage at my next Garage Sale.

8. Run for my life.

9. Catch someone in a lie and observe if their pants actually are on fire.


11. End lists in atypical fashion.


sunnybug said...

hi there...
your list seems quite interesting and i hope that you do end up accomplishing them. i especially like number 2 -- who knows when that could happen!
= )
have fun.

Jonathan said...

I'm so happy to hear you have some goals in life, Christopher!

Army said...

sixteengoingon27 and jonathan -- thanks for the support in achieving my lofty life goals! Some people want to give back to the world, have children, or realize career success...

I was cut from a different cloth, it seems : )

Allie D. said...

Good luck on that third one, me foine bucko! With the advent of the Roomba, you're going to have your work cut out for you. :)