Have Cam - Will Travel

There are certain precepts in life that I have internalized. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. A rolling stone gathers no moss (but leaves a trail of busted stuff). If you gotta go, go with a smile. Don't eat yellow snow. If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. And possibly the most crucial -- when on the road, have a fully-charged camera at your side.

In my assorted travels, I have compiled my own hilarious oeuvre (had to use this word, I just had to) of signs. And like Letterman or Conan or the rest of the late-night losers who aren't nearly as funny (um, Carson Daly and the dude from Drew Carey...I mean, come on)...did I have another point here? Oh yeah, so like those guys...jeez, can we get a woman in the mix? Why is it all these looser men? What is it, bitches in the morning for the housewives and dipshits at night for the insomniacs? So did I really have a point here...

Oh right, so like those guys, I like to laugh at funny signs. Gee, all that build up for that stupid reveal. Even I feel let down, and it's me over here. Anyway, I love these pictures because they make me LOL, LMAO, ROTF, BOOL, and MWUHAHA when I see them. I hope you enjoy and feel free to perform any of the preceding acronyms during your viewing pleasure:

Good friends can meet here! Oh, and girls, too.

Lord, what fool let this man drive!?

Well, shit, how muh 'sposed to have fun now?

Eh, what's the rush? I bet this is a unionized work crew...I'm just saying...

It's subtle.

No, this isn't fake. Mmm-hmm, it's actually a gas station chain.
Yes, I have the humor of a 12 year old boy - tee-hee! : )


Allie D. said...

Have you ever been to boners.com? Hilarious hilarious signs on there. I love your pics. The Kum & Go was featured on that site recently and I had NO idea where it was! lol Now I know!

And with the no alcohol and guns, maybe it meant that you couldn't *shoot* the alcohol! You know what a mess that would make? ;)

Anonymous said...

Got ya beat on the I-93 thing. I think we've been working on the Marquette Interchange here in Milwaukee since 2001, and it's not expected to finish until 2009 (that is, if I remember correctly.

Army said...

Allie, I'm surprised you didn't comment on the BOOL... : )

Gregor, while I'm sure y'all's project will take that long...have you a big orange sign proclaiming it so?? That, my friend, is the ticket! It's like that horrible P. Diddy song (I know, which one?) goes:

"We ain't goin no where, we ain't goin no where..."