A Pile of Evidence

So Feyonce and I were in her office working hard long hours, deep into the afternoon. We had the office suite all to ourselves for our session. I had been sweating, it was so hot... outside! WHAT? You dirty-minded scoundrel, this is a PG blog. I know what you were thinking! Gosh dang.

We met up to put together this presentation, blah blah, and all the while snacking on these Halloween candies. Did you know the little Reese's Peanut Butter mummies (or whatever they were) have no hydrogenated oils!? I was all, "These are healthy!" And with that twisted logic, soon we had accumulated a pile of wrappers we referred to as the nest. Feyonce broke out her cell phone camera to capture the comical image. Meet our shrapnel, the remains of a sugar-coated thought-fest and chocolate covered plan-ology.

Then Feyonce's friend and co-worker, Janky, drops by. They talk shop about some kids in their major, blah bloo bleh. Janky points to our nest and says, "had enough candy?" I'm all, "WHAT?" in an innocent and clueless tone. "You have no proof." "There's your evidence" she pokes like a robin feathering our nest. "Circumstantial evidence at best" I retort with mock certainty. Yeah, we're dumb enough to find this exchange funny.

Then Janky tells us about this guy who sits in the front of her class and never takes notes. She's trying to figure him out. I say, "he's hot for teacher" as I give her the elevator look. "Oh yeah?" "Sure, he wants to see your legs and curves, baby. He's taking the bends like he built the roads!" WTF does that mean? LOL -- I certainly don't know, but yet, we laughed. Was it an insult or flattery? I'm not quite sure either. I have no proof.


Robert said...

Hmm. I never took notes in class unless the teacher made us. Heck, I've passed classed just on the pre-test reviews. Of course, it's the teacher's fault if he or she only teaches the test

Allie D. said...

Halloween isn't allow to happen on the basis that I simply cannot allow myself to gain one. more. pound.

Allie D. said...

Oh and after that, I forgot to comment on your clever wordology. I like to think that my body is more like a rollercoaster than an actual road. LOL

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

For bitter or wurst, thou hast been taggethed, Armistud.

Anonymous said...

Hello -- I'm a blogger-friend of Allie D's and she clued me in that I need to be reading your blog.
I've been reading for about an hour now, and I must say I'm both impressed and entertained.
Plus, I love how when I hit the "refresh" button, the tag line above your Blog Title changes! That's incredible, and I bow before your techo-wizardy.
I'll definitely be back for more!
Kudos (or would you rather have Twix?)
~ Morgen from It's A Blog Eat Blog World

Army said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Morgen! I'm glad you've enjoyed, and I fully intend to check out your site soon! I see you have the Halloween theme going on over there : )