I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

If there is one thing in this world that I enjoy, it's the chemical swill - soda pop. Soft drinks. Coke. Nectar of the Gods. I love it enough to even philosophize about it using mathematical equations. Okay, so it's my own brand of math -- let's call it falgebra -- but nevertheless. It takes my mind to new places.

Our Love is Like a Rollercoaster, Baby. But Should I Ride?

And sadly, it takes me to some bad places. See, it is a drug to me, and it's not just the caffiene. It's high fructose corn syrup. How can something so that sounds so nasty taste so divine? But alas, our affair is bipolar, for it sends my blood sugar on a rollercoaster of elated launch hills and corkscrews and boomerangs - obligatory "oh my" - into a brake station of break-neck whiplash. I get crabby, moody, fussy. And lethargic.

Sugar Will

That is why I have given it up once again. The first time was after I saw "Super Size Me." Seeing all the sugar in a 42 oz. drink churned my stomach. As Dave Matthews sings, "Sugar won't poison/ But sugar will kill you/ Too much of a good thing/ Maybe not so sweet/." I gave it up on the spot for 4 months. I told myself I'd have a McDonald's Coke (the finest on tap) on New Year's Eve. Then I was back on the coke (sidenote: when typing this initially, I spelled coke like cocke... LMAO, and when I just went to retype coke for this sentence, I typed cock again. Any Freudians in the readership??).

I'm Not an Addict, Maybe That's a Lie...

On a dare, I quickly again gave up soda for non-Catholic Lent. And after that, it's been a classic addict's on-and-off cycle for the past year or so. Because I can't have just one or two per week. It has to be all or none. But I have my teas and coffee-esque drinks, so all is not lost on the caffiene front! And when I'm off the nectar, I can tell a big difference in mood and therefore, quality of life. So this is something I need to do... My moodiness doesn't need any further assistance!

I had a little relapse last night when I went out to dinner with Foster. But it tasted bittersweet. And it made me not want it anymore. So I'm forging ahead.

Attitude Drives Behavior.

In mental preparation of my soda-independence, I have carried out my own Boston Tea Party. I am dumping all the soda from my mind. I must harbor no more thoughts of it as a choice. I will no longer be ruled by its subversive Parliament. Because it taxes my well-being too much. It's not worth the cost.

I think I can, I think I can.


Bryan said...

Hey Chris, I recently heard something about a correlation between the shift from real sugar as a sweetener to high fructose corn syrup in many foods and the rise in obesity in the US. I think that corn syrup is what is the culprit here, or the most toxic agent, you might just seek out real-sugar soft drinks and maybe be okay; see Big Sky soda or some other natural sodas that, while more expensive and not GOOD for you, nowhere near as bad.

Allie D. said...

How funny! I am also doing a non-Catholic Lent. Starting on the 21st, I'm giving up ALL sugar. Not just sodas (which really aren't too problematic for me, though I adore Co(c)k(e) (hahahha).

I been eating more candy and sweets, drinking juice, soda, and eating too much bread and pasta. So it's out the door with those.

We'll see how it goes after 40 days with whole grains and whole fruit for carb satisfaction. :)

And LMAO at "falgebra"

Adva said...

Chris!!!! Be strong friend! I'm proud of you!