The Royal Road in Need of Repair

Dreams are more fascinating than cable and much less expensive. Why, just a nip of Bailey's before bed, and I can remember some elaborate and, dare I say, lucid mental episodes. As examples, I can remember getting shot by a police officer three times, taking a ridiculously long and (as it turns out) pointless walk, and a giant translucent head talking mutely in the sky. Yes, it's all true. And of course, my tornado dreams... a promise of syndication with spring around the corner.

Anyway, my favorite intrigue of the brain is how in a dream, things always make sense. Sentences are crystal clear and highly meaningful. Characters phase in and out of a plot unworthy of a B movie, and yet, the subconscious makes sense of it all. Or at least fool us into thinking it is logical and with purpose. I think the subconscious is pulling a fast one.

I mean, I know my conscious is an attention-whore, but who would have thought the subconscious would get jealous and vie for the spotlight. Twice this week I awoke from a dream in which words of profound insight were wresteled free from the murky depths. Behold the secrets of life! Enter the world in which ego is barred and only pure thoughts are cultivated. Here's what I scribbled down on the paper to preserve for the waking world:

1) "political sighance"

Clearly I've been reading too much of the Laughorist's clever word-trickery and decided to emulate. Is it the highest form of flattery or the lowest form of imitation? You decide.

And my favorite...

2) "cashmere - 'man handled' by God"

Yes, indeed. I love this one so much because I woke up drunk on REM sleep and obviously confused about the profound nature of these words. I can remember being excited about the revelation. It made perfect sense at the time.

You asked for it, and now you know - these are me thinks.


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

You should develop any one of those items of your dream into a full-blown essay or short story. It's compelling how powerful a dream can be, eh? I've had a dream so vivid I woke up crying, or thought I did. I can see why they are so powerful in myth or religion. They seem so real. Am I sounding just a little too psychotic? No matter. You are a dreamer of cashmere political sighance! (Thanks for the shoutout, as the vernacular has it.)

Zeke said...

I realize what you are talking about by dreams seeming to make sense but recently I have been able to feel my brain trying to cover-up inconsistencies and i have exploited this awareness to "look-up from the dream and tinker with the mechanics of the dream making and ponder that instead. Though this week is back to long awful and drawn out dreams. (I sat on a bus for hours simply waiting for it to continue on it's pickups after stopping in a field and the driver went off to explore some strange sounds.

Micah said...

I came across your blog randomly. I gotta ask, how'd you set the music to play? Did you have to host it somewhere? If so, where?

I love that about dreams too. Unfortuntely, I very rarely remember my dreams.

Army said...

Pawlie - always glad to shout you out! I've thought of doing some creative nonfiction - but then, isn't that what this blog is? Perhaps it's time to hone that craft a bit more.

Zeke - definitely reads like you have some lucid dreaming capabilities. I'm jealous! I had a similarly boring dream where I was trying to walk to my car and it took what felt like FOREVER! When I woke up, I was ticked!

Michah - glad you stopped by! Not sure what you meant about the music... I do not have any music on the blog. Perhaps it was coming from another webpage you had open? Please stop by again on your web journeys!

Zeke said...

whew weird dreams are on the rise...I was hunting in a cold foggy park with my brother this week.