At Times, We're All C3PO

First and foremost, allow me to lay down my operational definition:

C3PO [see-three-pee-oh] adj 1. acting in a manner that is cool, calm, collected, professional, and organized; 2. being fluent in over 6 million forms of chill.

Story of Eventual Connectedness to Above Term:

While catching up on things, my Feyonce and I were watching this TV show about these amateur tornado chasers and their crazy antics. These guys were crazy, kinda like pulling up to a tornado and giving it a hug crazy. So, during one part of the footage, this swirling mass is coming directly at them, and it hasn't touched down completely, but it's hovering about mere feet above the ground, swirling, looking menacing, and naturally, heading directly at them. Then these headlights appear on the other side of the "tornado." I'm like, another group of storm chasers? No, just some car that eventually drives THROUGH the swirling elements and continues past our thrill-joy chasers like it ain't nothin but a thang! We were dumbfounded.

But then I thought, people do grow casual with their weather. New Englanders shrug off three feet of snow, Californians sigh at earthquakes registering below 5.0, Floridians remain seated for Category 2 hurricanes, and in Oklahoma, people drive through fledgling tornadoes. They got places to go, been there, done that. It's fascinating really, how we become so comfortable and practiced with our lives. In this way, we can all be C3PO.

New terms I just coined:
- tornado huggers
- thrill-joy


Allie D. said...

LMAO @ Tornado-Huggers. They sound like environmentalists who are actually... I dunno... cool.

Robert said...

Up here in the dairy state people wear shorts in sub 40 degree weather.

Army said...

I've said it before, and I'll continue saying it -- Folks is Crazy!

the Laughorist said...

I just love new coinages, and your site is brisk and fresh with all kinds of neologisms. New to me, at least. As in the post above (drive-by calling, and a few others). Say what one wants about our culture and our language, it is teeming with reinvention and percolating with new spices. C3PO indeed. Now C3iPOD's just gotta stand for something cool!
Laugh. Or...