The Tai Chi of Transition

I've found myself in a strange moment of coincidental and mass changes going on around me.

At work, two co-workers have left for other positions, one is going out on maternity leave, we have an interim advisor starting, and offices are shifting. And that means hiring new staff and training, and all that that entails.

My aunt recently left her horrible employer for a new position. In another office on campus, they were suddenly told that their staff would be divided and the department was fracturing into two separate departments... all details pending. My former manager is leaving her employer for a sweet new job.

Babies born, couples forming and splitting up.

And yet I have remained the same. Sometimes I feel like a future man stashed in cryo-stasis or a cave man locked imprisoned in an ice block. Change brings growth, however good or bad we perceive the differences, and here I am, wanting to be a part of it.
Other times I feel content that things are going well and that my life is relatively in order.

It reminds me of my tai chi lessons, in which one of the forms includes a movement called Palms Pass. With our hands outstretched, they pass each other in a fluid motion, like running your hand across the blades of wild grass. Movement, and I'm in that space between that is motionless.

It's been more of an observation and not a situation that makes me uncomfortable. More so, it reminds me of the randomness of life and how everything can transition seemingly at once. This includes all those wonderful surprises we receive that make us excited and test our faith and resolve.

Sometimes we control the change and sometimes it controls us. Either way, we can strive to be mindful of what the situation means, how we will cope, and what can be learned when palms pass.


Robert said...

Probably not related to the subject at hand but I just "thinked" something. I just began reading George Orwell's 1984 and I was wondering if that book had something to do with titling this blog "These Are Me Thinks" If so maybe you should change the sidebar section "Recent Thoughts" to "Recent Thinks"
With that I invite yopu to check out two radio radio shows both hosted by Emanual Goldstein (for real) "Off The Hook and "Off The Wall"

Matt-Man said...

Nicely written, one question however; is the Palms Pass anything like what they do in the Happy Hands Club at Preston High School?

Allie D. said...

You'll have to pardon my perverted friend, Matt. He's harmless... ;)

Very good post, Chris.

Army said...

Robert, I've actually never read 1984, though I know the gist of the book. So what was the connection you saw between it and my blog title?

Gosh, Matt, they're nothing alike at all! Now stop eating all our steak and ruining our lives!

Gosh, Allie, Matt isn't a perv! He's just referencing the greatest movie of all time and admiring my blogging skills!

Allie D. said...

That had occurred to me, but trust me- he's still perverted. In that sweet, endearing way. Not at all in that Uncle Rico selling boob enhancements way. LOL

Allie D. said...

Oh and the connection between 1984 and the title of your blog might be in reference to Newspeak... but now I'm curious. I'm hoping that Robert enlightens us. :)

Robert said...

Yes. I was refering to the Newspeak language used by the Ingsoc Party of the world of 1984. In the appendix there is a detailed explanation of Newspeak. In the final form of Newspeak "thought" has been replaced entirely by "think". That's why I thought the title was a referance to that book. I highly recommend reading 1984. It's probably one of the best books ever written.