Gone Wild Series: Advising Gone Wild!

The late-arriving last installment of this trilogy of gone-wildness is here! This is the one that started the thought in my head that connected it later to Turkeys Gone Wild and MILFs Gone Wild.

This one is an inside joke mostly, but I think it's funny and because these are ME thinks, I shall proceed to entertain one of you in my readership...of hopefully more than one. [end self-deprecation]

For those of you who don't know, I'm an academic advisor at the University of Illinois. What that means is I get to tell students what I think they should do. And I get to learn all kinds of stuff, talk with students with varied interests, and basically have fun (well, mostly). See, I work with a population of students who are exploring majors or in the process of declaring.

Anyway, I was recently tasked with the charge of co-presenting with a colleague and friend in the Career Center. We were talking about topics for our conference presentation and of course, wanting to come up with a wonderful title. I'm a big fan of catchy titles. Snakes on a Plane.

All of the sudden, I had a Eureka moment (now that I mention it, don't Eureka moments always happen all of the sudden?). I came up with the best title ever:

** Advising Gone Wild: Show Me Your Major!

It was great! You had to be there! But yeah, Katie and I were cracking up at all the innuendo and tag lines, like:

- "Nice supporting course work!"
- "I'd like to get a look at her correlate area!"

Sadly, the title didn't fit our presentation, so we didn't use it. But I have filed it away for a future use, trust me. Until then, I did incorporate some of the humor onto our presentation website -- check it out next time you have insomnia. Wait, didn't I already end the self-deprecation for this post?

Eh, snakes on a plane.


Jonathan said...

I am so looking forward to SoaP! Almost as much as X3, are we still on for the 27th? I had no idea what you did for a living, I knew it involved UofI, but advising? Very cool, influence those kids down the dark side! Anywho, "Advising Gone Wild" is such a great title, I hope it gets use in the near future.

Jonathan said...

P.S. what would These are Me Thinks be without constant self-deprecation.

Army said...

Thanks for the continued support, J! I do have a fun job : )