Evolution -- New Digs!

I've finally done it! I got the motivation (thanks to Gouda's HOT new header) to retool the old website (once again) so it looks much more like the way I want it. There's more of me in it, you could say. Literally and figuratively...yes, that is my shadow. And yes, that is why we had 6 more weeks of winter...I done seen it. For shame!

Okay, hope you all like. And YES, I'm going to post about my trip to Virginia real soon!! Cross my heart : )


Allie D. said...

I LOVE it! And your new profile pic looks HAWT, baby!

I was going to switch to the same white template on mine, but I realized that on IE, it shoves the sidebar contents to the bottom of the page, which is fookin weird. For the moment, I'm stuck with same old tan & blue but I might revamp it again once I've gotten over my latest HTML disgust.

Army said...

Oh Allie, being the web-savvy sort that I am (just ask me), I think I have the cure for your IE ills (besides abolishing its existence because it's the worst web browser of all time).

Give me a call and I'll talk you down from the ledge with my html and css know-how (swoon)!

Anonymous said...

I like the new pic, too. You're still the cutest guy of all my blog buddies.

Wish I had home net access so I could have visited more regularly and seen this all sooner. Nice work on the blog.

Army said...

Thanks for the love, Gregor!