Wagons East

It is the eve before Janell and I depart east for our motoring trip through Virginia. Motoring buddies include the aliens (Xon, Xak, and Xed) and of course, Tyler as the transport. AJ and I will share roles of pilot and navigator. I already set up a motoring playlist on my iPod (including songs with driving or road themes, lyrics, etc).

Our itinerary for now:

Day 1) Motor to Virginia
Day 2-3) Shenandoah National Park - hiking, pictures, motoring on twisting roads
Day 4) Busch Gardens - roller coasters!
Day 5) Kings Dominion - more roller coasters!
Day 6) Motor back to Ohio (side trip to New River Gorge National Park?)

And in between, plenty of beautiful Appalachian Mountains scenery. I may be able to check in here and there on the laptop for some updates, but otherwise, see you sweet peeps on the other side!



kEnny said...

Dude, have some long rope licorice on hand for Shenandoah. When I was stationed in Virginia, I took a few trips up there and while the views alone are enough to blow you away, the odd thing is that when you stop and get out of the car, you begin to notice the proximity of the wildlife. I recommend the the licorice because you can play tug-o-war with the deer. It's Awesome!!!!

Allie D. said...

Have fun!!!

Rollercoasters. Fuckin A, man. I think it's going on about 8 years since I've been on one. :(