Gone Wild Series: MILF's Gone Wild!

Installment two of the Gone Wild series is finally here, and it's taken me some time to scrape together adequate coverage of this one. Another local phenomena that happened to coincide with those vagabond turkeys was Mom's Weekend at the University of Illinois. And believe me, when Moms come in to town, they like to par-tay! And the most sought-after, fun-loving, wild-go-crazy mom is the legendary M.I.L.F. -- or simply, Mom I'd Like to Fuck.

(print lifted from www.funkytshirt.com)

To my knowledge, this term was popularized by the movie "American Pie" in reference to Stifler's mom. I draw your attention to the movie still below:

I have to admit there's something hot about a hot mom -- yeah, I said that. As a gay man, how could that be? Well, I don't know what to tell you. All I can say is that on Dad's Weekend, I'd be hard-pressed to find a D.I.L.F. in the crowd -- let's just say there's a double standard for gender on this one. And if any of you have seen Alias's guest star Lena Olin play Irina Derevko, let's just say I'd go straight for her...well, for one night.

Anyway, the best thing about Mom's Weekend is the night life because, as I said, Moms go wild. And there are pictures to prove it. For horny college boys, there are groups who discuss the fine art of "milfhunting" which includes, for example, allowing an older woman to experience the "fountain of youth." Take that as you will...and take in some of the sights I was able to rake up:

Great stuff. I have witnessed Mom's Weekend first-hand in the past, and the hilarity is far greater when experienced in-person.

On a final note, one of the respected newspapers on campus, Booze News, saw fit to print a helpful article that classifies The Mom Genus. I wish this article was online so you could truly appreciate it, but I will paraphrase as it goes on to describe the following species of Mom:

Imstilltwentyuerilla -- still thinks she's got it going on despite fat bulges, saggy breasts, and her big old fat ass; thinks she has to compete with her 19 year old daughter

H.O.T. (Hold On Tight) Mom -- the sight of her brings even the strongest of male species to his knees, and if provoked by the right music, will begin her ritual dance on the dance floor -- she's on the prowl

Closet Freak Mom -- normally quiet and shy in her suburban habitat, when exposed to alcohol and the flashbacks of her teenage years, she breaks free and becomes a crazy wildebeast; will eventually blackout and have to be dragged home by son/daughter

The Lady Devil -- she never says no, always yes; she is in need of sexual interaction that has been deprived for too long; can be found parading around with a mixed drink in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other; will grind with men half her age while reliving her glory days

This stuff is too funny...we love you Moms!!


Allie D. said...

Damn! LOL There is so much I could say here, but I'm not gonna. :)

Robert said...

Weird I wrote a Blog about M.I.L.F.s too a while ago.