A bridge for sleepwalkers
a reality for lucid dreamers
forgetting how to recognize
an emotion
waking up betrays
what your hidden brain takes
a lifetime to rectify

Houdini in a Pinch
through a trapdoor or false wall
I escaped the horror of my life
constantly fearing confrontation
of a past best sealed in a box
tossed into the river
unable to break free in a pocket of air
or reappear behind a curtain
I vanish like those troubled teens
who don't have their shit together
who cannot pull the right card free.


Allie D. said...

Did you draw that picture? Loved it!

Frisbee Girl said...

Most excellent.

Army said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed : )

Yeah, I done drewed it all by myself...keep your eyes opened for more of my "art" to appear!