The Same Effect From Another Cause

I was sitting here after surviving our third Sunday tornado warning in the past month and listening to some tunes, and suddenly the hairs on my arms stood up. They did that when the tornado sirens went off around 4:00 p.m. today, but now my skin tingled for another reason -- awesome music.

So I wanted to share some tunes with y'all that cause physiological responses in me. I also threw in a few pictures I took today during the storm's epilogue.

- "Without You I'm Nothing" by Placebo -- gotta crank it and ride the emotion through to the final note. All I can say about this song is Wow. I'm in awe every time it finishes.

- "Spies" by Coldplay -- eerie intro, and Chris's voice is chilling; there's something haunting to me about the line "and the spies came out of the water"

- "Fiction" by The Lucksmiths -- a simple story told beautifully (like many of their songs); the lyrics are poetic; you can feel the crescendo at the end invade your body

- "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking" by Snow Patrol -- this song creates an uneasy sense of urgency that keeps me on edge; the vocals and guitar push this song to its hurried end

- "Everybody Wake Up" by Dave Matthews Band -- mostly it's the intro that never fails to move me, so much that I will frequently restart the song 3-4 times; a powerful violin intro that merges with electric guitar - I'm getting chills writing about it!!

- "Ladies and Gentlemen We're Floating in Space" by Spiritualized -- oh my god, this song is genius; it starts as a tiny song that continuously builds with different overlapping vocals that somehow fit together in a coherent piece that will blow you away : )

"A Wolf at the Door" by Radiohead -- what isn't haunting about Thom's voice... he can turn any lyric into a nightmare, which he does in this song, while being pulled along by an electric guitar riff constructed with the intent to terrify us

Army says Peace Out for now...


Allie D. said...

Love those Coldplay and Snow Patrol selections. I am loving Snow Patrol to death. Their song Run makes me want to cry...

Army said...

Yes, Run is my second fave on that album! A beautiful song. Chocolate is another goodie.

Hey, you should check out their song "Get the Balsamic Vinegar...Quick You Fool" from Songs For Polar Bears. Heavy bass guitar riff, electric, few lyrics...but there's one line that cracks me up! Me likey.

Melissa said...

i really like the first picture