Get Yourself a Shovel

No, it's not snowing again! This time, we're digging up dirt in the backyard, like when we were kids dreaming of tunneling to China and landing upside down. Okay, so that's basically a stupid idea, but do you ever wonder if you tunneled through the Earth where you'd end up? No? Then why are you still reading this post? Who's the fool now, eh?

Anywho, thanks to the sweetness that is Google Maps, you can now find the answer without all that messy digging, a molten core, and generally unfeasible circumstances.

So exactly where must you start digging to end up in China? And why do I keep thinking of that crappy movie, The Core? LOL

And how can Hilary Swank go from Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby to the heap that was The Core? No matter - I forgive you, Hil. We're still like this (I say as I cross my fingers).


Allie D. said...

I'll save my shovel for shoveling snow here... digging from Olympia, WA puts us pretty darn close to Antartica. No thank ya! lol

PS- The Core's only redeeming value was the spoof used on South Park by Eric Cartman to get rid of all the hippies that invaded the town for a "woodstock-like" festival. ;)

Army said...

There is always redemption if South Park can get ahold of something and mock it into hilarity!

bkdubya said...

My mom really liked her shovel my sister and I bought her for Christmas. (no joke).

Also, I didn't realize you were such a fan of Hillary Skank. Although...I guess it's hard to judge since the only movie I've seen with her is The Next Karate Kid.