In Bed with the Feds

I was recently surprised and happy to read about part of the new energy bill penned with approval by our President's Herbie Hancock. The new energy bill will give even bigger tax incentives for purchasing hybrid vehicles starting in 2006!

The new tax credit will work differently from the current and past tax deductions, basically providing larger incentives for more efficient hybrids. It is great to see progress in a positive direction, especially since this can easily offset the higher initial cost of a hybrid vehicle.

Here's my little appreciation piece:

In bed with the Feds -
Now that's the government in action -
and on a holiday, at that.

This news even helped calm my frustration after reading about a recent brain-less-storm from the US Chamber of Commerce suggesting we TAX hybrid vehicle owners to fund highway maintenance! Mixed messages, anyone? Kramer would call this kooky talk! I say, tax those who jack up the highway...and it ain't the hybrids, I'm sure.



Allie D. said...

Good to see one positive aspect of that pork-laden oil company giveaway piece of shit otherwise known as the new energy bill. LOL And yes, they should take the cars that actually screw up the freeways, no friggen doubt.

bkdubya said...

But my new Hummer *is* rolls over both electric and gas-powered cars....