The Discloser

This post came from a brainstorm I had after an encounter with a mere acquaintance at best, who felt it necessary to fill me in on his ENTIRE life at a bowling alley.


This discreet villain has affiliation issues. With disregard to reciprocity, The Discloser will divulge intimate and daily information in excruciating detail. No minutae is spared. Be warned! Checking your watch, siddling toward the door, trite responses and clearly displayed boredom will not neutralize this dastardly foe. Consider The Discloser heavily chatty and oblivious to blatant social cues.

- Inability to sense human suffering from their prey
- Voluminous repetoire of stories to share
- Friendly demeanor

- being ridiculed or ignored
- susceptible to criticism

You can survive The Discloser by letting the fire burn itself out. While seemingly tireless, The Discloser will eventually shut up or need to leave and accumulate more pointless anecdotes for future victims. If a hasty escape is required, deny The Discloser any expected attention or present The Discloser with negative attention. Either strategy will cause The Discloser to fold but may be ineffective against the most clueless of its ilk.
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bkdubya said...

This reminds me of a story I thought of the other day on the toilet...

Army said...

Gee, B-dub, is that a compliment or what? LOL

bkdubya said...

Sorry....didn't mean to be ambiguous. ;)