Since there's no place to go...

...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

We received about 4-6 inches of what Ben calls "precious snow" and it's lovely. Adva calls it "friendly snow" because it came down in fat wet flakes and has a fluffy, easy to enjoy quality. And here I thought the Inuit had many words to describe kinds of snow.

I actually didn't mind shoveling the driveway...strange, that. I'm sure Mom's loving to read that given all the grumbling I made when I have to shovel hers. "Sorry, Ma!"

The house, just sitting there chillin.

When I took this picture, there was that serene stillness in the air. The quiet woosh of the air and the delicate crunch of snow touching down was beautiful to hear. Why is it so calm when it snows like this?

My street, being all snowy.

Tyler glided through the snow like it ain't nothin but a thang. After safely delivering Adva home, he blasted through my then unshoveled driveway and sought the warmer refuge of the garage. His parking spot awaited him.

Tyler in his crib.

I love me some Midwestern-style winter storms. Peace, y'all.


Allie D. said...

I'm jealous. Tyler looks so cute in his little while cap. ;)

bkdubya said...

I will allow you to have your brief moment of romanticizing the snowfall. BUT...while we were all like "Dude, the snow is so friggin' awesome" last night....I'm sure you, like me, were all "Holy Bleepin' Farts, Batman! I hate the snow!" this morning when you had to once again take Tyler out into the elements. This morning, no longer was the snow white and pure and a gift from heaven. It was gray and slushy and nasty and wet and just plain yucky. Oh Lord...I'm tired of winter already...Can't you invent a season where its habitable outdoors, but I can still wear my cute turtlenecks and my insanely cool merino v-necks?