It's all about location...

So I was at a neighborhood bookstore once upon a time while having a conversation with a friend about dating. We came upon the topic of making out in a bookstore. Yeah, don't ask. When you are single, well, you'll think up just about anything to imagine yourself with someone.

Whelp, I started to wonder...what's the best section in a bookstore to make out in? If you must premeditate such an action, it should be done with empirical care.

This is what I came up with...

Science Fiction -- too creepy
Romance -- too cliche
Humor -- that's awkward
Parenting -- foreshadow!
Self-help -- too needy
Horror -- it's been well established that sex + horror = imminent death
Fantasy -- gosh, already?
Mystery -- shows lack of confidence

I'm sure I missed a few. But I just now (quite literally, within the last minute) had my "eureka" moment. The best location in a bookstore for a make-out session is...

New "Releases"

Ahhh, don't give me that look. You laughed.


Jill said...

What, you're too good to choose the "bargain prices" section?

Actually, I think I'd pick the Women's Studies or True Crime sections, depending on my mood and my make-out partner.

Allie D. said...

I personally enjoy the reference section where all the dickshunaries are... har har har!!!

Army said...

Good points, you two. Though if "I" made out with someone in the Women's Studies section, well, that just ain't right.

So this got me thinking how I could translate this situation to a movie theater... If you are going to make out during a movie, it should be during the "Coming" Attractions! LOL -- or maybe wait until the rising action and climax of the plot, LMAO

Oh, how crass!

bkdubya said...

I prefer the "Foreign Languages and Literatures" section myself.

..or the play area in the kiddie section.

Or perhaps "Drama."

Army said...

b-dub...the kiddie area?


Oh, help the children!!