Dolphins Reclaim Their Sanity

So I read some intriguing news today that brought back a sad reminder. It was about scientists exploring the epicenter of the earthquake in the Indian Ocean that led to the devastating tsunami earlier this year. Basically, they found the area has not yet been reinhabited by sea life. Reasons unknown.

This caused me to hunt down an old piece of writing I had done. I figured I'd share it. It's a work in indefinite progress, so don't hold anything against me -- Art is not completed; it's abandoned : )

Dolphins Reclaim Their Sanity

In my search for you
I was swallowed by the ocean,
digested in the salty undertow.
Currently the currents pull me down
unto the rusted hulls and sunken explorers
who never rediscovered the warmth of home.
Drifting along the tongue of the ocean bed,
the abyss closes in on my senses
as I fall deeper into submission,
my final breath calls to you
like a rally cry of freedom,
descending upon the ramparts of Atlantis
on a horse without legs.

1 comment:

Allie D. said...

you writin poims bout me again, aintcha!


Nice one, though... I was feeling poetic this morning... embarked on a lil Haiku. Think I might try to do a little free form beatniking later... LOL