The Mind's Errand

The danger of a wish is it's fulfillment.

I saw "The Good Shepherd" this evening. It was an intense and confusing film, one that needs to be seen at least twice for it all to make sense. It touches on themes of trust, secrecy, truth, and loneliness. I found myself intrigued by each of these themes and how difficult it can be to make choices. Intelligence. Counterintelligence. Information. Misinformation. Friend. Enemy. The lines bleed together. The choices are never easy. Enemies become endearing because they know you like no one else can. They are your opposite number. Their choices mirror your own. All very fascinating.

A tiny little theme in the movie I took to came in a quote I hadn't heard before. It is from Ovid's Metamorphoses:

"...choose what you wish, and what you wish you shall have.” Pointing to a pile of dust, that had collected, I foolishly begged to have as many anniversaries of my birth, as were represented by the dust. But I forgot to ask that the years should be accompanied by youth.

Conquistadors searched America for the Fountain of Youth. Alchemists labored to create the panacea that would prolong life indefinitely. Even today, we have injections and plastic alterations to feverishly delay our aging. Since the time we have faced death, we have desired to outsmart it.

But who would, if by chance finding the genie in the bottle, tempted by the promise of long life, think to ask for those years in youth? And what would become of a person who aged to 200? Would we shrink into ourselves, unable to move, left to our thoughts? Is the fact that I frown at such a fate my own desire to resist the inevitably of aging? It's merely a fancy of mind, but one that captivated me nonetheless.

Can I muster up a lesson in this line of thought? Let's see... Think before you speak. Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes a nightmare is a dream come true.


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

A lot to ponder in a few words. Timeless questions regarding temporal mysteries. Well worth considering. (Incidentally, I commented on your punctuation comment over at my blog.) (I like the new [new for me]look of your blog.)

Bubz The Troll said...

I too saw that film on Sunday afternoon.

My advice to fellow movie-goers. "The theater is not your living room, so shut that f**k up and watch the movie. If you stop asking question to each other and pay attention you'd figure it out. Next time you talk I'll through YOU out of a plane just like that woman."

Anyway. I found it quite easy to follow in spite of the unwashed masses that gathered in the theater. It was only 160 minutes and it could have been an extra 20-40 and still not felt over long. Quite an engrossing film and far better than any 007 with or without Sean Connery.

mr. F said...

Hey Army, nice new template!!!

Haven't been in your blog for a while. I don't have the patience to watch movies anymore. I just watch select few!

I would love to get a comment from you on my latest post about serious stuff!