Vignettes of Time IV: Sleep Debt (Reprise)

In a world forgetful of Vincent van Gogh -
We're dozing behind the wheel,
We're missing the joys of life,
We're living new disorders,
We're withdrawing too much time.


Allie D. said...

You have been BUSY, mein Freund!! I would have commented after all of your posts, but I will condense it all into one thing:

The first vignette was friggen GENIUS! I never would have been able to get myself into a frame of mind long enough to free associate like that. Simply brilliant, Chris, really.

Second, your poem- beautiful.

Third- your discussion on The Peter Principle. Loved it. I am curious as to what inspired you to riff on these truths.

Fourth- your sleep debt reprisal: Nothing but the truth.

I just finished writing my essay on the new King Kong and how it relates to the Freudian princples of the id, ego, and superego for my film appreciation class. I will post it on the blog after I get it back with any corrections. The prof just e-mailed me and told me he loved it though, so this is a good sign! lol

Army said...


Thanks for the comments! I had these different pieces scattered throughout my notebooks. Recently, I felt like I wanted to get my blog back to its original intention -- to share more of my writings. Then I fashioned the idea of an overarching theme where I could pull together similar works. I wanted both variation and a cohesive element. I'm farily pleased with the outcome, but it did take considerable time to flesh out these rough original writings!

I always thought about performing the free association on sleep debt at some kind of poetry slam or spoken word event. Admittedly, I'm nervous about that because people who do that are so talented at it. One of these days...

And all I can say for corporate buzzwords is that I cannot tolerate them. People throw them around in meetings and don't know what they mean. Thank The Maker I have Office Space and Dilbert to keep me sane!

Allie D. said...

Indeed- all I could think about was Office Space! :) We get to watch this in my film class in a few weeks. I cannot wait to write about it! lol