Vignettes of Time I: Sleep Debt

in a mad dash world gone mobile it's everything on the run to the direct deposit drive-thru on-line 24 hour convenience - if confused press 1 if absolutely fucked press on - it's the cities that never sleep - always a flourescence to life that blurs a drowsy stare showdown with the computer screen - pick up the pace of the race - grab a quick shower - take five - smoke a fast one in between - back to the grind that raises the bar on employees judged by lack of social life of the year/month/day - who's working hardest smartest fastest now? now? now? - cars are moving living droning - cover your ears buried in pillows and turn up the soft noise for some peace and quiet - drown out the worries with a drink or five - drink responsibly eat right exercise balance yourself - lock the doors buy an alarm be suspicious of your neighbors - avoid isolated places at night stay safe - stay home alone behind locked door alarms with state of the art satisfaction guaranteed or your misery back - allow 6-8 weeks to process your fear - sort it out stop thinking hurry to bed - let the TV sing you to sleep - spare some time for all work no play - maximize potential - be all that you can be in your army of one - reach for the stars it's a mugging of your inner peace and actualization held at sleep point - in the blink of an eye seven to six-thirty starts again - make up for lost work time co-worker burnout - vacation is a sick day so pick up the slack - "on the run" is no good get it "on the fly" - multitask multitrack multiplex - all the birds with one stone - save time save shareholders save a place in line - stay in line by the book - keep it together - forget lunch - power nap - it's never enough - withdrawing more and more time that isn't there - up at night up all day - who has time for exhaustion - clock ticks clock tocks ticks tocks - each sound another withdrawal like deficit spending - easier to take more and more time - no credit card to pay back no limit to exceed - no way to make up for all the worries and sleep debt

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