I just got violated tonight, and not in a good way!

So I'm at Meijer doing some midnight shopping and picked up 6 birthday cards, some well in advance, but they fit folks I know all too well, so no big whoop. I get to the only open check out lane (except the do-it-your-damn-self lanes, over which I drastically exceed the 12 item limit -- curse ya!). Okay, and dude is a bit big and scary, but whatever. So he proceeds to examine EVERY item I purchased. He's looking over the produce, checking out the turkey and ham, and he's being deliberate about it. Like he's either overly curious or he thinks I need his approval for my purchases. Either way, a bit creepy. But then the kicker...he reads every single one of the cards! Oh no, he doesn't just glance at them because I purposefully placed the cards upside down in the flap of the envelope so he can quickly swipe them all. Nah, not having it. Dude turns over each card, reads the front, opens it and reads the punchlines. Dude!? What the fook?

So forget 1984,
the Panopticon, black surveillance spheres, Big Brother, Kid Sister, and Uncle Daddy -- Meijer dude is the new perv of privacy violation!


bkdubya said...

You see...this is why I don't shop at Meijer. Meijer has this strange elitist Canadian vibe to it. I need the down-home warmth and familiarity of Wal-Mart. It just makes me feel patriotic to shop at Wally World - whereas Meijer just creeps me out. Your recent experience is a good example.

A few other examples include the time I let my dad go into Meijer ALONE to buy beer. He attempted to use the U-SCAN for the first time in his life, and....after he didn't emerge from the store after 20 minutes, I went in to check on him. It was so scary.

Also, I have observed the prying nature of the clerks at Meijer. I really don't need comments about what I'm buying, particularly not from some creepy guy who might be flirting at me who is touching all my things way too much as he scans them....and then proceeds to comment on the "interesting combination of items" I was purchasing. DUDE, I DON'T NEED YOUR JUDGMENT ON MY JACK DANIELS AND SCENTED CANDLES! Or maybe this is just the Patriot Act gone really really awry....

Allie D. said...

It looks like this is freak month. Check my latest post that harkens slightly to your encounter to your "discloser". Why can't we send these people back to Mordor??