A Matter of Serious Import

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. None are as massive in their field as Allcock and Dickerson.

Clive Allcock and Mark Dickerson are two men who work together, often deep into the night. They have collaborated many times and are quite familiar with one another. As I'm sure you know, Allcock and Dickerson are respected researchers on gambling and addiction.

Both men have huge talent. One must wonder, when Allcock met Dickerson, did they think long and hard about what would come of their partnership? As someone who has known plenty of academicians, I assume they knew that their work would be well-received, not like some other blow-hards who work on silly-hearted pseudoscience.

So after you read the excerpt from their gambling research, you may be confused about your role in this affair. Allow me to sum up what they are saying in lay terms:

1. If you haven't scored in a while, you think you are more likely to get some soon
2. Sometimes you are willing to pay for it
3. You aren't as good as you think you are
4. If given a choice, people prefer longer to shorter
5. We often enter into it with clouded judgment
6. Outcomes may vary if a group is involved

So take it from Allcock and Dickerson, both big names in their field -- It's a hard lessen everyone has to learn. Sometimes more than once.


Army said...

Methinks my tongue-in-cheek post was lost on my readers. Or they weren't impressed? Or I'm being overly sensitive right now?

Is anyone even reading this post? LOL

Ello (echo)
lo (echo)

(a cricket chirps)

bkdubya said...

The humor was not lost on me. But I did notice your spelling error....(to help add to your over-sensitivity ;) )

Allie D. said...

LOL! I read it and wanted to comment it on it last night, but I'm having trouble with blogger accepting the text verification down below for some reason. I had this same problem on my own blog today and I had to take the feature down temporarily because I was so pissed off at it.

That being said, when I first started reading it, I thought that you were trying to deliver me some kind of code message because of the similarity between their names and my name! LOL!