My Two Boys

The unthinkable has happened -- I purchased a new car! For any of you who knew Tyler, my lil MINI Cooper, this is probably a big shock to your system. Trust me, I was just as jolted by the experience, and even after a week with Andrew, my brand new Mazdaspeed 3, I still ask myself at times, "What the hell did I do??"

Let's fall back to the expostition from that jarring climax. My family likes to test drive cars. For some time, I had been considering an upgrade to the new turbo-charged 2007 MINI Cooper S. I've always somewhat regretted getting the automatic transmission, yet didn't have the guts to get it with Tyler. Despite that, I loved my MINI.

Anyway, I was both impressed and a bit disappointed with the new features on the 07 MINIs. I won't boggle you with the details, but
suffice it to say, I felt like I'd be settling on features that I'm a stickler about. What can I say, I'm a fickle old thing. I've had my eye on the Subaru WRX for quite a while, even when I was shopping around pre-Tyler. And now I was thinking WRX Sport Wagon. During Thanksgiving back in Ohio, I was set for a test drive. I looked up the consumer ratings on the WRX and they were abysmal! Even more disappointment. I noticed the Mazda 3 in the category of similar cars and checked it out. It was a recommended Best Buy with superb ratings, and new for 2007, there was a turbo-charged 6 speed manual model! I logged onto Mazda's website and built my very own Mazdaspeed 3, free of charge. And it had all the features I have really wanted.

Next day, Vick, Greg, and I head to the dealership. As it's no likely shocker, I don't care for most car salesman. They can be a smarmy, slickster old bunch. I was fortunate when I met Mr. Knox
because he was the best kind of salesman -- laid back, quiet, and no pressure. He said they actually had one Mazdaspeed on the lot, and he was surprised because they were very popular. I notice it is black, my requisite color. I check out the rap sheet, and it has every single feature I wanted, not one more or less!! Was this kizmet?

We drove the car and all loved it. This car has some g-force action when the turbo kicks in! It has nice leather and cloth seats, an ipod hook-up, sweet cockpit gauges, Bose sound system, xenon headlights, and some sexy lines and style to it. Well, things progressed, I decided to talk more with Mr. Knox, and everything just felt right. I was offered more for Tyler than I owed on him. Before I knew it, I had decided to move forward with the purchase and trade-in.

I have to say, it was hard to see Tyler go. We've had great times together. The Miss MINI Chambana 4th of July Parade. All the MINI rallies I've attended. The motoring experiences we've had. You can say it's only a car, but the MINI had a culture around it. It was truly fun. I met so many great people from around the state and here in town. They are my friends. In some ways it will be sad to not be a part of that. But in all, I now have a car that is sporty, practical, and even more fun to motor in.

As I said, everyone has been stunned at the change. But the story tells it all...well, that and a short race around town! I know that JP the British Boss was at a loss. He was impressed with Andrew, yet he was a little sad about my withdrawal from MINI culture. But that bum hadn't been to a rally in who knows how long, so work through it, old bean!

Mike took the sleek photo below of Andrew and his new friend. During the shoot, this black cat sauntered up to check out Andrew.
She sniffed his tailpipe, and must have thought him a tomcat because she kept sassing around him. It's clear that Andrew's hotness transcends species!

And with each day, my driving improves. I was a bit of a clutch klutz in the beginning, but I'm on my way to being a pro. I've learned you can't really start off in third gear. You can't get flustered in traffic. Herky-jerky shifting is to be expected. Manual transmissions are indeed a lot of fun to drive!! I'm addicted to shifting now : )


Bryan said...

Hello Chris, I've at last gotten a computer with DSL and so I'm now in a position to check in on all the old friends and places and sites and pages and what have you and will look into some new stuff, this youtube seems interesting, and of course some pictures of naked people. I'm really in love with this computer, just today I've gotten it.

I recently bought a Jeep, not quite as new and slippery-smooth black as your "Andrew", a few freckles of rust, 1986, but like your nice vehicle it also has a standard transmission, and like you it is my first, or at least I gathered it's your first manual, and I've come to learn that it can be touchy. Can't it? Have you noticed that sometimes you get choppy or jumpy acceleration? And how about stalling out at a light? And, you cannot start out in third gear. How about keeping the gas to clutch ratio right from a stop until you get going so that it doesn't stall out, and did you ever put the gear shifter into the wrong slot? What a nasty experience that is.

Anyways, I just want to check in and tell you the few times I had a chance to look at your blog the past two months, I've apprieciated your entries for their humor and running themes. Talk with you later.

Allie D. said...

Andrew is HAWT! While I always thought of Tyler as something of a friend, I think I actually want to DO Andrew.

And a manual, eh? Very impressive! They are a dying breed, you know.

MamaBean2003 said...

Sweet car, but I have to admit, I'm STILL in shock!!!! I know I didn't spend a whole lot of time with Tyler, but damn it, it's the quality not the quantity that matters, right? Maybe if someone could give a girl a ride, my level of shock would begin to dwindle. hehehe

bkdubya98 said...

Even though I was pre-warned you had auto-purchase fever..... speechless.

But I do dig the new ride!

Corey said...

Just checking in on your blog and I read this. Holy Crap! You got rid of Tyler. I thought they'd have to bury you in him. :)

Congrats. That's a pretty slick looking car.

Sarge (aka Greg) said...

Okay, when do I get to take it out with the Vericom glued to the windshield to see what he'll do?