iRant: The Superego Speaks

Today's lesson in morality comes from Royal Dutch Shell. That's right, the oil company. Read and be enlightened.

This is a classic story of "do as I say and not as I do" which is a parental favorite that I'm sure spans all cultures and countries. There's nothing like a big ol' corporation wagging its finger and telling us what's what. It's not that I don't agree with what dude at Shell is saying... but this is not a time when I want to hear oil rich fat cats professing morality to the masses. We already have another dude, whom I call Mr. Man, who likes to tell us what our values should be.

I appreciate that dude mentions that corn ethanol is at best a transition source and that they are putting efforts into making cellulosic ethanol an option for commercial deployment. Couldn't he also mention that corn ethanol is not as efficient as other forms of ethanol, like sugar cane or cellulosic (which is what they are pursuing).

It just sounds like they played the morality card to hit a hot button issue, and I'm tired of that kind of pandering. If people can't figure out who they are and what they stand for, I'd hope an oil company or a government isn't their dictator of right and wrong. Elsewise, we got some issues to work out...


Allie D. said...


Can you believe this guy?? It's "morally inappropriate to use food to make oil while people are starving!"

I can think of so many ways to tear this statement in half, but I'll start with these few.

Of all of our nation's vast corn crops, only about 2% (or somewhere therabouts) is actually used for direct food consumption. The vast majority of the corn cannot be eaten! It's used to make industrial products. Or perhaps High Fructose Corn Syrup, which let's face it, we certainly CANNOT live without. The starving people of the world MUST have their soda!

Second of all, it is not lack of FOOD that keeps people in this world starving. It's governments that exert their will over their people by keeping them hungry. There is plenty of food.

Excuses, ex-fucking-scuses.

This concludes my hijackery of your rant. ;)

Army said...

Sing it, sister! I like your more logical style of ranting... you add class to my vulgar system of lashing out : )

miss mini said...

Um, more importantly, I see you posted at 10:01AM, meaning you posted while *at work*. I can say with confidence that kind of activity is not the best use of company time.

I can also say with confidence that the Crate and Barrel shopping I was doing this afternoon was also not the best use of company time.

Army said...

miss mini - I figured I'd have to respond to your admonitory email during normal work hours... I like being a statistic for lost productivity and employerly woe : )

Robert said...

Hemp is the solution. That way when all of the oil is completely gone there will be a ready source to replace old nylon ropes.