Shameless Plug 01

I was just thinking back on some of my favorite posts from the days of yore and feeling it was a shame they are buried in the nebulous archives of the blogosphere. To the realm of forgotten. I hope someone can invent a clever way to sift through this kind of material. Because so many bloggers out there have excellent past posts. How can we bring them back?

Labels can only do so much to categorize...

So my quick fix is a Shameless Plug! Self-promotion is the key to any successful purveyor, performer, pauper, or poet.

Anyway, after motoring home last night -- window down, elbow propped, caressed by the wind
-- I was reminded how much I love motoring through cities at night.

And it brought me back to one of my memorable posts that eventually spawned my Mythology of Life series.

So check if out: Night Motoring Through Cities

I've updated the music selection. The rest is preserved in its original packaging.

Motor on,

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the ephemerist said...

Well, I really enjoyed that, being an ol' night owl myself. You perfectly captured the danger, the thril, the chill, the abandon. Is there such a word as Kerouacesque? nicely done. Plus, as I myself have blogged, you've hit upon a real problem: the blogosphere's fickle addiction to the Now and Only the Now. I think if we merely recycled former posts, almost no one (except you) would know.