Sign Language

As you travel around the world or your neighborhood, surely you've run across an odd or out of place sign before. Signs are everywhere. I shared a few of my found favorites a while back.

So naturally, I love it when I was referred to a couple of hilarious websites by my co-worker crew member, S-Dub. There's something about the generic airline safety brochure drawings and the WWII-era poster style that gives me the tingles. But of course, the captions hold the humor!

Check them out:
Safe Now
Air Toons

I dare you to try to not laugh your ass off! It can't be done. Shout-out and mad props to Dub for her sweet hook-ups : )

Oh yeah, and now for a shameless plug of a little creative sign I came up with...


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Now that is some funny stuff. I don't usually forward Internet stuff, but those "terrorist" captions are great. Plus, it's great to laugh at this stuff. What else can do, besides cry? Good going.

Allie D. said...

I remember the Safe Now one. Someone posted it on Msypace awhile back. I died laughing when I saw that. Very clever.

As an aside -- it was great seeing you for a short while during my trip. What I wouldn't give to live within driving distance of you again.

Army said...

Thanks, pawlie! Like you, I try to avoid forwards and the like, but this one just couldn't be passed up!

Allie - one of these days, we'll be back together! I had a blast with you, as always, and soon I'll make my way out there again to come see ya :)

Menora said...

Great work.