I'm Not an Addict... Maybe That's a Lie.

Who would have thought I could ever find a simple little board game that I love so much more than Settlers of Catan?

And then I met Carcassonne. I was at a mall game store looking for something like Settlers but a bit different. I asked the guy if he had suggestions, and he pointed me to this little blue box flanked by many smaller, similar boxes -- the collection of its add-ons.

My eyes locked, and at first, it wasn't all fireworks and dazzle. I checked out what junk it held in its trunk. I read over the back captions and checked out the pictures. Like a deceiving singles add on Match.com, I was unconvinced. Even the praise of Store Guy did little to sway me. He was like a good friend desperate to have his odd friend be shown a good time. And then Store Guy made a sweet offer: if I didn't like the game, I could bring it back. It was like I could erase it all if we had a bad date. Store Guy was a good game pimp. I slapped down my cash.

Like any good date, Carcassonne came with instructions. This is how I work. Don't do this with me. If only boy dates were so easy. Still, though. The instructions left me skeptical of a promised good time. Fortunately, I had reinforcements to play with me. Vick (Army mom), Lola (the grand ma-ma), and Egg (the step-daddy-o) indulged me due to their past Settlers enjoyment.

And then something magical. The game rocked! It's relatively basic in its design, but like any good game, the strategy is in the nuances. And the add-ons (which I've since laid down fistfuls of cash to procure) help to build larger maps, add new strategies, and insert other rules and impending chaos. The nice thing is that you build the map as you play, so it will never look the same twice. It's always fun to see how it will come together.

Guinness World Record for largest Carcassonne game

Everyone who plays is skeptical at first. Only after a game does it get under your skin. And like any good drug, it gets better with each use. Now I'm a fiend for this game! I just can't get enough. I even drove Pops to buy up the whole shebang himself. I've got my friends and family hooked on Carcassonne's sweet love. My next victim will be the lovely Gouda herself! Mwuhahaha!!!

If you are looking for a fun game, check it out. If you love Settlers, I guarantee you'll love this game just as much, if not more. Highly recommended.


Army Mom said...

Boy, I'll say it's a great game, they both are! Now I can't decide 'which' I look forward to the most when you come back 'home', the games or the new car...oh, and of course YOU!!! LOL Just kidding of course, we ALWAYS look forward to YOU coming! You really do have us hooked on the games, and I never would have believe I would look forward to them so much...hurry back!!!

Sarah S said...

This is certainly the biggest game I have ever seen. Wish I'd hit you up for a game before I skipped town!

Allie D. said...

I so totally suck at strategery games and will likely need more help than George W. Bush at... anything involving the English language... but as usual, I am totally up for it!

Bubz The Troll said...

Morton's List my friend... It is THE end to boredom.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Is either one a good camp game? The kind where we drop F-bombs in front of 10-year-olds? I guess my parenting skills are marginal. "Game pimp." Great term. And, hey, endorsed by Mom!