The Rabbit-Hole to Home

Sunday I fell into a vortex.

I found myself in a sea of colors and shapes. They appeared in combinations and forms that were dazzling. The gravity was keeping me there, but I didn't fight it, no. I was content. I was elated. I was visiting Ikea.

Every showroom was a presentation. A possibility. My bedroom could look like that. I could be sitting on this couch amidst the accent lighting and the artistic color patterns and shelves and cabinets that seemed to float in mid air. My packing problems were solved. My spatial understanding of the world erased and redrawn. Each showroom, a promise of novelty. Each showroom, another finished puzzle in which all pieces snapped perfectly. If I could fit all those pieces in my car, surely I could complete my puzzle back home.

But why leave? When I entered the model apartment of a mere 377 square feet, I thought it was an illusion. How could they complete a living space like that? It was engineered perfection, every nook with a purpose or a function. Space had been mastered. I wanted to kick these strange people out of my home, close it off from the showroom, take it away and put it in my ideal neighborhood. It was mine now. MY-kea.


Bubz The Troll said...

How do they make those words float?

Adva said...

never been there.....i guess i don't know what i'm missing

Army Mom said...

Well, I have a GREAT Ikea! Instead of driving up to the Chicago area to visit, when you come back to Ohio, we can visit the one they're building near Cincy!!!