Splish Splash Therapy

I Like Them Long and Hot

Since my childhood, I have taken long showers. Like 15 minutes long. And I got in trouble by my Mom and Dad because I was wasting water. Which I can't blame them for saying that. Thing is, I wasn't really wasting that water. I was enjoying ever single drop that ran down my chin, massaged my back, and caressed my feet. It was my home-spun therapy.

Oh, I didn't know it as that back then. My entire life, I've been addicted to hot showers. It's my full body massage. A comfy warm refuge. It's my space to unwind. To think. To sing. Yeah, you do it too, so no judging. In fact, everyone sounds good in the shower. Which leads me to a new invention, the Shower Stall Karakoke Booth! Inside that baby, we're all a little Billie, Frank, Janet, or Seal. Every note is in perfick pitch. Acoustics dazzle the ear.

Sometimes I'll be standing under the streaming jets for five minutes and realize, oh! I haven't gotten any business done yet. I've just been standing here. The soothing streams salve the soul. It makes me alliterate. No, not illiterate!

Those Who Need No Showers To Sing

I came across this YouTube link recently by happenstance. Doesn't the internet operate on that principle of randomness? Anysuch, I've never paid much attention to Peter Gabriel, but this song, Sky Blue, piqued my interest.
The voices coming together in the outro are hauntingly beautiful. It gives me chills every time I listen to it. Which has been like 30 times. Take a listen - a worthy 8 minutes of your time.

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Allie D. said...

I love hot showers. Also love hot baths. There is nothing better than temporarily cooking oneself in hot water. If someone asks me if I like to "get baked" to relax, I tell them in all seriousness that I prefer to get braised. hahaha

Also -- I looove Peter Gabriel. That's a fantastic song.