Back from Arizona!

Hey all -- or should I say, hello to my one reader, Allie!

I made it back from Arizona after an amazing trip. I plan to put together a website to share pictures and experiences that I had during my extended visit. Until then, I hope you enjoy these panoramic shots I put together using the wonderful PhotoStitch. All hail its wonderment!

Grand Canyon

Saguaro National Park East


ramblergirl said...

Hey, you have more than one reader!

Granted you have no way of knowing that because I hardly ever comment, so it's my own fault. :)

Pretty pictures.

Bubz The Troll said...

Did you go to that glass bottomed sky walk over the grand canyon?

Jonathan said...

I still read!

Allie D. said...

Beyooeeful!! I need to check out this Photostitch about which you speak!

mr. F said...

+1 reader, albeit a sporadic one! :-) Great pics! I love making panoramic too!

Army said...

Oh, my people! You like me. You REALLY like me! I'm so validated.

I appreciate your readership (and commentship, too). Keep up on both of those, when you have the time.

Bubz, I did not go on the Skywalk for two very good reasons: it wasn't open yet and it was five hours away from where we were.

And actually a third reason, which is more for the principal. I want people to walk on it for at least a year before I set foot on it. They said the Titanic wouldn't sink. Nuff said.

bkdubya said...

BKW = Troll.

Welcome back, gurl.

Adva said...

Hey attention monger! It's not enough that I read the blog, now I have to comment everytime?? Takes away from the thoughtfulness!
Your loyal reader,

PS. Nice pics, can't wait to see more!