I've been Touched...

No, not like a "I've been touched by the bad man in my swimsuit area" kind of touched!

I mean, I've been Touched. No guys, not Touched by an Angel in a holy spiritual sense. Get with me, here, c'mon! Do I have to spell it out, already?

I am now the owner of my very own iPod Touch, e'rybody! And it's suh-weet. I can't keep my hands off of it. Literally!

If you haven't heard of them, think of the iPhone without the phone and the camera. So it's even slimmer yet still has twice the capacity with a 16 GB flash drive. And unlike the iPhone, this one has a WiFi antenna, so when I hit a local hot spot of wireless fun, ka-ching. Free internet access. Download a song from iTunes Store at the Espresso Royale? Don't mind if I do! Watch YouTube clips on my lunch break? Yes-huh! Stare at hours of porno while at work? Heck y... er, of course not!

The screen for watching movies is killer. This will be my new travel companion when I fly to Baltimore and Denver this month. I dropped a little extra skrilla for this software that converts DVDs to iPod video format, so I can have all my faves in my hot little palm. Oh yeah, babies!

We're talking Kill Bill, Clue, Grindhouse, Maverick, Big Lebowski, Groundhog Day, Dodgeball, The Prestige, Glitter (but not really), and the rest of the oeuvre!

And switching up from my Mini to the Touch, I have to give big ups to Apple for an awesomely improved interface. I feel like I'm in the future where everything is a touch panel. And I'm quite impressed with the sensitivity of the screen. I thought I'd be mistyping on the little keyboard, but it works very well.

It's such a thing of beauty and a marvel of science, I shed a tear. What can I say? (sniff) I'm touched.


adva said...

You are funny. You'll have to show me on the plane!

ramblergirl said...

I had to turn my nano off while I read this - I didn't want it to get an inferiority complex. Sounds like a cool new gadget.

But don't you dare rag on the cinematic masterpiece that is Glitter!

Allie D. said...

I am soooo envious!! I didn't want an iPhone, but I DO want this!! My 30G iPod (of which I only use about 10G) is in need of an upgrade. hmmmm...

Bubz The Troll said...

Too bad it isn't Linux compatible yet.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

I'm envious in this way: I envy your techno-facility -- which I ain't got. It's funny. I'm thinking of getting something like that for the express purpose of long stays at airports. And, hey, thanks for paying my son's salary (works for Apple). I think I'll send him a link to your post.

Army said...

adva -- great, now we'll have to share earphones on the way to Baltimore! LOL

ramblergirl -- I only dissed Glitter to win a quick popular point in my favor... you know as well as I do that Glitter is one of those special blends of craft and scope that brought us together... and changed the meaning of our lives forever (tear).

allie d -- well, I don't want to say that you should upgrade or anything... but you SHOULD! LOL - it's sweetness : )

bubz -- spoken (or written) like a true computer guy! God bless ya!

pawlie -- I see this thing being my savior of travel, too -- on the plane, during layovers. I enjoy a good book, certainly, but other times it's nice to have the mindless entertainment, too.